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Hello, Hashnode

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I've been looking for excuses to start blogging recently. I love writing and it helps me work through my thoughts with further precision. I've always struggled to share my written thoughts with the world though, so I want to break through that barrier.

Great thread and conference by DHH on the value of writing:

Introductions and Experience

A little about me: I'm a software engineer working for CoverMyMeds, a McKesson company. CoverMyMeds is a recently-ish-acquired startup based out of Columbus, Ohio. Their primary focus is making sure patients can access and afford the medications that they need to live healthier lives.

Fun fact: CoverMyMeds handles approximately 80% of the USA's Prior Authorizations and is utilized in 95% of the country's prescriber offices. That's a lot of medication!

Before joining CoverMyMeds, I worked in the automotive data sector, primarily focusing on feature enhancements and data transactions for car dealerships.

I also spent time working on a platform designed to manage large TV event casts. We had the opportunity of working with amazing clients there: the NFL's Super Bowl, the Canada Games, the Oscars, and the Boys and Girls Club of America. I'll have to write more about that in a future post.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with Ruby on Rails, alongside gaining lots of experience in TypeScript and JavaScript. I've worked as a solo developer and on huge, cross-functional teams with many external stakeholders. Thanks to this wide set of experiences I've also fumbled my way into learning valuable skills in collaboration, communication, leadership, and coaching.

With that being said, I'm an enthusiast of crafting elegant software and systems, and I believe that writing code can be as beautiful as writing novels or any other creative endeavor. I think that now that AI has arrived in meaningful and helpful ways, humans will be more capable than ever.

I'm eager to share these learnings as I document my experiences working as a developer and I hope they can be valuable to others!